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Dear Person

You may well be wondering who the hell I am and why I'm taking up valuable bandwidth with my website. Well permit me to introduce myself...

I am just one of many Mark Allens on the internet and indeed the wider world. One Mark Allen is a triathlete, another Mark Allen is a snooker player and yet another Mark Allen murdered someone with a butter knife in 1983, though we'd rather not talk about him. I'm an entirely different Mark Allen altogether. I'm a Mark Allen that does comedy, writing and acting. I can honestly say that I've never troubled anyone with a butter knife.

By now, you should know whether I'm the Mark Allen you're looking for. If I'm not and you're looking for somewhere else to go, I'm happy to suggest an alternative website here.

If you're still here, well done. This website has all manner of joyous things to busy yourself with if you're looking for anything me related. The navigation bar at the top of the page will take you straight to the various nooks and crannies of my site where you can find more information about who I am and what I get up to. Please feel free to peep, delve and rummage to your heart’s content.



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