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Mark's comedy stuff

Welcome to the bit of my website where I stash all comedy-related things for you to have a look at. Here's a swift outline of what you can expect to find:

Comedy biography

A brief biography of the comedy things I've been involved in.

Live shows
Information about each of the three hour-long comedy shows I have performed at the Edinburgh Festival and beyond. So that's Quite Good Britain, Mob Logic and Pet Project.

This is where you can have a listen to my podcasts. You can even subscribe to it so you need never miss another word of my nonsense if you're that way inclined.

Some video things for you to peep at.

Press and publicity
Some sniplets from the press that are either about me or by me.


Details of what I've been up to in the realm of acting. Although not all of it is strictly comedy, this is the best place I can think of to put in on my website.

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