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Mob Logic is the stand up show that I first performed at the 2007 Edinburgh Festival and which was revised for one night at The Marlborough Theatre in Brighton and a 3-day run at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in London. The show is about what makes humans behave differently in crowds and I attempt to explain the reasons for some of the utterly ludicrous behaviour we exhibit.

Feel free to read on for more information about the show. You can read what it's all about, have a peep at the flyer, find out when it was on, read some nice things said about it and download a press release all on this very page. Huzzah!

What it's all about
Have you ever been in a conga line and suddenly thought “What on earth am I doing?”. Or questioned why normally mild-mannered accountants turn into rage-addled loons when they’re in a football crowd? Maybe you’ve wondered why otherwise respectable young ladies transform into bawdy cackle-hags when they’re part of a hen night? Well it’s exactly this sort of nonsense that I'm going to explore in his my solo stand-up show Mob Logic.

In the follow-up to my pleasingly successful 2006 show Quite Good Britain, I'm going to look at what makes humans behave differently when they’re part a crowd and try to get to the bottom of this frankly ridiculous behaviour. Is it a deep-seated biological impulse inherited from thousands of years of evolution, is it the result of complex social stimuli, or is it simply a lot of people showing off?

The original flyer
Have a peep at it here:

  If you want to download a PDF of the whole thing click here.

When it was on
31st July 2007 @ The Good Ship, Kilburn High Road, London, NW6, (PREVIEW)
4th - 25th August 2007 @ Laughing Horse at Lindsay's, 15 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh
26th October 2007 @ The Marlborough Theatre, 4 Princes Street, Brighton, BN2 1RD
31st October - 3rd November 2007 @ The Hen & Chickens Theatre, 109 St. Pauls Road, London, N1

Some nice things said about it
For the revised run of the show at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in London, The Guardian Guide featured a preview of the show, which was very pleasing:

October 2007 - The Guardian Guide preview for Mob Logic - download article

Press release
To download a press release about the show, click here.

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