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Pet Project is the stand-up comedy show that I performed at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2008, in London and Brighton the following October and at the Leicester Comedy Festival in February 2009. On this page, you can read what it's about, have a peep at the Pet Project flyer or the Pet Project trailer and download the Pet Project press release. Splendid.

What's it all about then?
So, what Mark Allen's Pet Project all about then? Last year, I got a cat. Shortly afterwards, I started talking to it. Quite soon after that, I realised: that’s a bit weird.

In the past, humans’ relationship with animals was simple - either they hunted us or we hunted them. We knew where we were back then. But now, we put animals in our homes and give them human names. What the hell happened?
Determined to get to the bottom of this nonsense, I embarked on my Pet Project. I read countless books, performed experiments with cat food, and when I heard that a group of people called “furries” dress up as animals and stroke each other at conventions, I tried to infiltrate them.

Having fully embraced the irony of becoming a human guinea pig for a show about pets, I am now ready to reveal my findings.

The original Pet Project Flyer
Have a peep at the flyer here:

  If you want to download a PDF of the whole thing click here.

The Pet Project Trailer

Press Release
If you are a press-type person and would like to download a press release for my show, please feel free to do so. The original Edinburgh one is here and the London one is here.

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