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Here's a big old mixed bag of stuff I've made for you to look at.

Stalk a tourist:
Me and fellow comedian Eli Silverman decided to see the sights of London - with an added bit of excitement.

Snippet from Mark Allen's Pet Project:
A cheeky bit from my latest comedy show about pets.

Mark Allen's Pet Project trailer:
This is a trailer for Pet Project featuring my vaguely controversial infiltration of "the furries".It initially featured the song "I wanna be your dog" by The Stooges, but after eight months of being online, they set their lawyers onto me for copyright infringement and I was forced to change it.

The Hermit (part one):

This is part one of a fifteen minute horror story in verse that I wrote and performed in 2004. I know clips longer than 30 seconds are generally unacceptable on YouTube, but it's worth watching if you've got the time to spare. Turns the lights off...

The Hermit (part two):
Part two of The Hermit. Keep the lights off...

Shitting yourself on a rug:
A seven minute montage of edited highlights from a night that me and Terry Saunders put on in Brighton for Halloween 2008. Seven minutes might sound long, but the night went on for seven hours, so it's not bad going really.

Terry Superstitious:
This is a montage of Terry Saunders flying in the face of superstition. I put it together for the Shitting Yourself on a rug night in Brighton (above). It's interesting to note that Stevie Wonder let me use his music - take that The Stooges!

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