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Scary vegetables 2007

Another display of vegetable nonsense from the annual Halloween scary vegetable party - with a surprise winning entry.

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Beetroot of all evil
Father Jack
28 Dates Later
Freaky fennel Gourd Blimey! Jaws A clockwork onion
KKK 5-a-day Monster Munch Nobble fruit Bad carma
Sick licker The Elephant Yam Totem of terror Bleurgh!
Vampire clown Rubbish Sasquash Pirate crab
Pinhead Puking pumpkin Monsieur Squishsquash Good gourd!
The Loch Cress Monster The Pear Witch Project Gourd dolphin  
Sprouterpillar Victory!Bloody hell - I won best in show with my yam shark! Begrudgingly being congratulated by previous years's winner Robin.    

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