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Scary vegetables 2008

The seventh consecutive scary vegetable parade and not only are there more entries than ever, the standard is the highest it's been. Crikey!

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Arcimboldo Avocado Osama bin Garden Drowning fig
Chef Crocodile Dandee Crone Drowning fig
Good gourd Homer Keith (the leaf) Drowning fig
Mars attacks Melon Monkey Tragic Pac Man ghosts
Mooooli Petrified Penguin Pepper Untitled 1
Crazy Pineapple Pinky and the brain Putrid Pirhana Worst witches
Scary Vag Snowman Frank Spudatra Vegetalien
Satanic squid Steve the vampire Termin-tater Vegetalien
Terrifying termites Tortoise of doom Tremors Trevor
Witch Untitled 2 Untitled 3 Silence of the Yams
Wwotten witch Yampa Pervy Pete Winners podium
Winner!Andy being congratulated on being voted 'best in show' with his Vegetalien.      

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