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Scary vegetables 2010

The first ever scary vegetable party not to be staged in London now I've gone and moved to the seaside. A slightly diminished number of entries as a result, but still some superb entries as you can see.

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Adam's entry featuring eerie moving parts inside - not really done justice by the photos sadly.
The Bitter LemonDiane's "Bitter Lemon". Otherwise entitled "The Count of Del MonteCristo" Dr ChipmanEd and Sara's entry - hastily cobbled together out of the veg offcuts found in my house.
Texas Coleslaw MassacreSarah's "Texas Coleslaw Massacre". Looks great, but stank the place out. Crazy PineappleRob and Emily's "Crazy Pineapple". Cracking debut from the pair. Page 3 MelonTim's entry "Page 3 Melons". More disturbing than scary to be honest. The Vegorcist My very own motorised entry"The Vegorcist". Scroll to the bottom of the page to see it's full glory.
Paul the Psycho OctopusAndy's "Paul the Psycho Octopus". Tremendous. Silas the Satanic Seaweed SerpantTamsyn's "Silas the Satanic Serpant" inspired by seaweed found on the beach that day. The Vegetative VegetableA magnificent debut entry "The Vegetative Vegetable" by Andy, Angela and Sophie.
Best lantern - DianeDiane wins the "Best-lantern" category Best non-lantern Angela, Sophie and Andrew win "Best non-lantern" category Best in show!And I take down the coveted
"Best in show" category. Get. In.
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