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Scary vegetables 2011

Back for the tenth consecutive year, this year's scary vegetable party was hosted by Adam and Diane. Once more the spooky vegfest was held in London and once more, it saw another platter of astonishing feats of vegcraft. See for yourselves...

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BooJude's entry - knocked up on the night. This tiny squash is shown here in actual size (more or less)
Dodgy Legged and Headed Fat Man Nick's "Dodgy Legged and Headed Fat Man" Headless Horse YamLucy's "The Headless Horse-Yam"
Headless Horse Yam"The Headless Horse-Yam" deserved a second look from another angle. EliBen's tribute to Eli Silverman; absent friend and degenerate who couldn't make the party.

Gourd-on BennettGourd-on Bennett by Andy - who cobbled together two already scary-looking gourds.
BombAdam's "Bomb". Simple. Elegant. Timeless. KangAnother of Adam's entries "Kang" (one of the aliens from The Simpsons if you didn't know). Superb.
Kernel GhaddafiSomeone had to do the Kernel Ghaddafi entry, and it was Jennie who stepped up to the plate.
Man-eating Monster"Man-eating Monster" by Kate. I'm still not sure what vegetable the monster was made of. Grim PeelerDiane's "The Grim Peeler", complete with victim. MixamagofuckyourselfRobin really went for it this year, with his creation "Mixamagofuckyourself".
Mixamagofuckyourself againIt's worth another look at Robin's entry - complete with demonic radish eyes and potato worms crawling from it's brains. "Poo"Luke turned up with "Pooh in lieu" - a self confessed conceptual piece with accompanying art card. "Poo" blurbLuke's explanation of his poo-based inspiration.
Professor BallbagTanith's "Professor Ballbag". It's not clear what he is a professor of, but that's some ballbag.
Veggie KruegerMy own entry this year "Veggie Krueger". A tableau in the medium of squash, cassava, green beans, red pepper, aubergine and a shit-load of raisins. Veggie Krueger againAnother shot of "Veggie Krueger" and "Mixamagofuckyourself" for the hell of it.
Honourable MentionLuke was awarded an Honourable Mention for his "Pooh in lieu" - truly groundbreaking.
Winner of Best LanternJude takes down the Best Lantern category in her first ever year.

Winner of Best Non-Lantern Lucy proudly displays her "Headless Horse-Yam", winner of the Best Non-Lantern category.
Winner of Best in ShowHowever, there was only one winner of Best in Show. Robin and his "Mixamagofuckyourself". Congratulations! A Monstrous Hybrid of The WinnersAt some point throughout the evening, this monstrous hybrid was made of the three winners. Tremendous stuff.  
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