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Some random photos

Quite simply, these are a selection of random photos that I've taken that amused me for one reason or another.

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Arousal cafeWhat the hell is on their menu?
Good news! That is good news. Unless you're a deaf vegetarian
Daft cactusAn fantastic cactus. Or a rubbish dalek
MalariaIt's not often you find a balloon advertising Malaria.
Slurp The most fun you can have with a grilled pepper
Slurp!The things I do for publicity #1
Beardy MarkThe things I do for publicity #2 (not the beard - that was by choice)
Ridiculous hotelThe most ludicrous hotel room in the world
Grilled babyGrilled baby? For £9.99? Take that credit crunch!
YeovilI love the fact that they started off small, then decided to go big!
Parent and headless children parking spaceA parking space reserved for parents of headless children.
Ant DestroyerFor those times when you don't just want to kills ants, you want to DESTROY them!
Pay for layCheck the slogan on the top left. It's patently nicked from a budget brothel.
Liver launderette The perfect solution after a
night's heavy drinking
Bus stopThe most pointless request stop ever.
Breakfast Lunge Dinner I love the sign on the glass. It suggests you can eat and exercise at the same time.
7.5 tonne drivers required But why do you need such a heavy driver? And urgently?
Bus stopI saw these on a wall. I like to think that the person wearing them suddenly evaporated.
MayoThey don't seem entirely sure of what's in this. Apart from Egg. It definitely contains egg.
PostboxSomeone really doesn't want pigeons sitting on this postbox.
We hate BrightonA typically Brighton response to some anti-Brighton grafitti
Bus stopI found this terrifying sight when I opened a drawer in the children's section of Hove museum. Genuinely disturbing.
Bus stopIn a totally different museum, I discovered that Victorian dolls are pretty menacing.
Bus stopWant some breakfast? Can't read French? It'll cost you.

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